Each American Marketing Association (AMA) chapter is a reflection of its membership and their experiences, backgrounds, careers, and expertise. Orange County is located in an emerging and vibrant business region with great opportunities for marketing professionals.

We celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of our individual members and have highlighted some below.

Congratulations to Shannon Pollacchi who was awarded her AMA Professional Certified Marketer in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Certificate Ties It All Together!

After talking several online courses throughout the years, it was time to step up my efforts and focus on a comprehensive review of all aspects of digital marketing to ensure that I was up to speed. As a marketing professional, I had a desire to update my skills by expanding my knowledge in the field of Digital Marketing. I discovered that the American Marketing Association offers a certificate program in Digital Marketing, through flexible online classes.

This certification process offers a comprehensive program that covers topics such as metrics, social media, email marketing, user interface, online advertising, SEO, remarketing, and content marketing. The series analyzes which types of social media and technology platforms are the best resource for deployment of marketing goals based upon your chosen audiences, timelines, and content. This coursework is provided in a series of courses through Lynda.com, that provides specific topics which detail the collaboration and overlap of current technologies. The main benefit from this series includes the board overview on how multiple platforms can collaborate to achieve your desired marketing goals while describing which potential platform can provide the best support to achieve your goals. This includes analyzing your overall content marketing strategy, by utilizing a combination of Google Analytics and AdWords. In addition, helpful hints and common mistakes to avoid are also highlighted.

The courses are delivered in a comprehensive format, anticipating that the entire series will be completed. This certificate is achieved by participating a series of online courses, culminating in passing a 120 question test. Depending on your schedule and your proficiency in digital marketing concepts, you can expect this series of classes to take two to nine months to complete. If you are looking for a comprehensive but flexible program, then this is for you. What I learned is that the basics of marketing have continued to stay the same, but the techniques for deployment have changed and will continue to change.